Seasonal Query Dataset

Query collections are essential for research in different fields like: information retrieval, computational linguistics and natural language processing. Seasonal query dataset is a standard reliable Persian query dataset that was used at in paper "Detecting Seasonal Queries Using Time Series and Content Features" to evaluate the proposed method for detecting different types of seasonal queries. This paper was published in ICTIR 2017.

This dataset may be used for any research purposes upon referring the paper "Detecting Seasonal Queries Using Time Series and Content Features".

This dataset contains Persian queries related to seasonal events. The categories are:

  • Non seasonal queries(NS); 150 queries.
  • Seasonal-related to ongoing(SOE); 50 queries.
  • Seasonal-related to historical events(SHE); 41 queries.
  • Seasonal-related to special days and traditions (SSD); 59 queries.

The dataset is available here.

For further information you may contact the authors.