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    Hassan Hajipoor

Name: Hassan Hajipoor


Address: DBRG, School of ECE, Faculty of Engineering, North Kargar Street, Tehran, Iran.
Phone: (+98) 21 - 61119718
Category: Alumni


Thesis Title

Reputation Monitoring of Companies Based on Sentiment Analysis in Social Network


The emergence of social networks such as Twitter, which is one of the most prominent micro blogging services, has created an online medium to convey information from companies, celebrities, and products to users and customers. These circumstances have created a need for a system to analyze entities’ reputation online. In this regard, it is expected to observe an upward trend in the demand for text mining in this area.

Online reputation management consists of a number of subtopics such as opinion mining and filtering. In this research, we provide their definitions, and present a comprehensive review of research studies and competitive exercises which have been carried out in recent years.

Filtering, which is one of the major steps in online reputation management, tries to address the question of the relevancy of a tweet to the entity at hand. In filtering studies, usually an online dictionary construction method and a key concept detection approach are proposed.

Tweets carry information about users’ opinions and sentiments. In sentiment analysis subtopic, entities’ reputation is evaluated through the analysis of the related tweets to the entities.

To evaluate the proposed method, we used the RepLab data set and a Persian data set, which is one of the first manually labeled Persian collections in this field.



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Hassan Hajipoor, Mehdi Emadi, Maseud Rahgozar, Masoud Asadpour. Twitter Filtering. the 7st international Conference on Information and Knowledge Technology (IKT), 2015.(in Persian)
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Molood Arman, Hassan Hajipoor, Babak Sohrabi. Study of the Automatic Evaluation of Websites Quality from Customer Insight: A Case Study of the Most visited NEWS Websites as In uential Social Media Tool. A book chapter of Strategic Customer Relationship management in the age of Social Media,(pp. 178-197), IGI Global publication, 2015.
Molood Arman, Hassan Hajipoor, Babak Sohrabi. Knowledge Mapping of Business Intelligence thorough a Text Mining Approach. National Conference on Advances in Engineering and Basic Sciences, 2014.(in Persian)

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