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   About DBRG

All of us are aware of the growing importance of Information Systems in our today's world.This turns the knowledge of database to be known as one of the vital elements of Information Technology. For many years, database has been the field of interest of several researchers all over the world and many achievements have been accomplished in this branch of Computer Science. Due to the vastness of this field and variety in requirements, various research institutions have been established worldwide.
Though several achievements were made since the very early days of the establishment of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, most of them were elementary and generally carried on individually. One of the most important moves made by the ECE Department was the establishment of the Database Research Group, facilitating the students to survey and work on the sciences and technologies related to databases.
Since then, this research group has been able to maintain a positive trend and accomplish several eye-catching achievements both, on national as well as international scales.

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